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Title:Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer in Israel
Category:Health: Medicine
Description:About Sheba Established in 1948, Sheba Medical Center is now the leading medical center in the Middle East, a significant member in the world medical community. We provide internationally recognized care in numerous fields, including oncology, as well as both basic and advanced medical research. Sheba Medical Center also functions as a tertiary care center and accepts referrals of complex cases from throughout the region and the world. Sheba is located on a 150-acre campus in Tel HaShomer, near Tel Aviv, and contains: • 159 medical departments and clinics • 1,700 total beds • 33 laboratories Read More > Sheba’s Mission Statement Our mission at Sheba Medical Center, the Middle East’s largest hospital, is to deliver a full-spectrum of first-class healthcare with a personal touch, to all patients from across the globe. Our two highly comprehensive Medical Tourism Tracks, for individuals and government tenders, excel at providing outstanding care equally to all patients without distinction. The Cancer Center The Cancer Center at Sheba Medical Center provides cutting edge treatment for dozens of different cancer types and accepts referrals of patients from all over the world. Within the Cancer Center are specialized departments dedicated to state of the art research and specialized treatment of specific kinds of oncological disease. The World’s Best Doctors Sheba would not be great without its people. We are proud to have doctors from the top of their fields at Sheba – individuals who are dedicated to innovative research and the finest in patient care. These men and women all have impressive credentials and decades of experience. Even more importantly, they are committed to working as a team to offer our patients world class medicine with a personal touch. Every day, ground breaking research is conducted at Sheba in institutes like: • The Joseph Sagol Neuroscience Center • Prof. Sarah Ferber’s Research Group – Innovative Cell Replacement for Diabetes • Anticancer gene therapy drugs developed by Prof. Dror Harats The fact is that Sheba Medical Center is the largest, most comprehensive, and most advanced hospital in Israel and the whole Middle East. From humble beginnings, Sheba is now a world leader. We will also continue to grow and never be content to simply rest on our laurels. Advancing research, education, and patient care are never-ending quests. Find the right doctor and treatment for you > Benefits of Medical Tourism at Sheba Medical Center in Israel • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES Sheba provides the latest, most advanced medical treatments, including enrollment in clinical trials when appropriate. We are proud of our high tech medical solutions, such as the only Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Department in the world and exclusive, advanced diagnostic imaging for cancer and cardiac patients. • FIRST CLASS MEDICINE Our staff are a large part of what makes Sheba great. We have dozens of clinicians at the top of their fields, including world class experts. In fact, many of our doctors are members of the Faculty of Medicine at Sackler Medical School at Tel Aviv University. These surgeons and physicians regularly collaborate in order to bring our patients the finest in multidisciplinary care. • PERSONAL APPROACH At Sheba Medical Center, we realize that every patient is unique and has distinct needs. No two cases are exactly alike. As part of our comprehensive approach to medicine, we provide a multitude of specialists that work together to bring individualized care to each of our patients. • FOCUS ON THE PATIENT AND THEIR NEEDS We understand that a patient is more than just their disease or injury – they are a whole person and have needs like anyone else. We provide for these needs by offering psychological and social work support in addition to medical care. We also offer comfort, education, and support for our patients’ families. • FAST AND EFFECTIVE SERVICE Timely care is provided to all our patients, and treatments are designed in accordance with the patient’s outcome wishes. We make sure to utilize every expert, therapy, and treatment at our disposal to give our patients the medical outcome they desire.
Address:Sheba Medical Center at Tel Ha’Shomer in Israel
Postal Code:5265601
Phone Number:+972-3-530-3100
Fax Number:+972-3-530-8040
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